1. Inspiration for my new film TRACKS which I am shooting next week on the West coast of Scotland. We are delighted to have cast Gordon Brown (Only God Forgives) and John Bell (The Hobbit).

  2. An interview with me in Dazed&Confused September issue. Go buy it!

  3. A video interview about my next short film, Tracks, that I’m shooting in September!

  4. In September I’ll be shooting TRACKS, a short funded by the Collabor8te scheme. Thank you Rankin!

    Hunger TV press / Screen Daily press

  5. I am directing my next short at the end if July with funding from the Wellcome Trust. It has been written by Felix Levinson and is set in the 1790s. Morgan Watkins (The Hour/Saved) is playing the leading role.

  6. Exclusive stills from Simon Pummell’s upcoming psychological thriller ‘Brand New-U’ starring Lachlan Nieboer and Nora-Jane Noone. I was delighted to direct the three commercials that will appear in the film. We shot them in London with an all-female crew (go girls!). More here.

  7. My first short ‘Beautiful Enough’ was Collabor8te’s film of the week. You can watch it and read an interview with me here

  8. We have got funding from the Wellcome Trust for my short film, ‘James’, written by Felix Levinson. The film is set in the 1790s and is about the invention of vaccination told from the point of view of James, the boy who was instrumental in the all important but life-threatening experiment. More about the Wellcome Trust Funding here.

  9. My film PHYSICS will be playing Bermuda, Toronto and Nashville in April!

  10. I’m off to Luxembourg Film Festival tomorrow to pitch my short film BRIGHT SHADOW to a panel of European producers and distributors as part of Nisi Masa’s ‘European Short Pitch’.

  11. A podcast with me in Filmmaking Review listen here

  12. This year Collabor8te got over 1450 entries. I am delighted to be one of the 12 filmmakers on the scheme and will be adapting my stage play ‘Tracks’ (which was performed by Rogues Gallery Theatre in 2011) which I will also be directing. http://collabor8te.com/

  13. Next week I go to Zagreb for the scriptwriting workshop part of NisiMasa’s European Short Pitch programme. More here

  14. A clip from P H Y S I C S (written & directed by Claire Oakley)


  15. Stills from my short film PHYSICS